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IMAGE Training – Our Approach

IMAGE Training – Our Approach


Our foundation training is modular which provides students with flexibility to organise their image training around their other commitments, and also allows time for students to practise one skill before embarking on another if they wish.

We are not a franchise, so our graduates are free to run their business in their own way.  However we offer continual support during and after training, and like to continue the friendly relationships we develop with our students, after graduation with regular networking events and additional courses.

Student numbers are restricted to a maximum of four, allowing an exceptional amount of individual attention.  Modules are intensive, and structured, but within that setting there is plenty of scope for laughter, enjoyment and forging new friendships and professional relationships.

Because we believe that image consultant training is just the beginning of the learning process, we supply a structured practice programme which students complete before returning for a half-day appraisal.  We consider this to be an important part of training, not an exam.  Students from overseas, or living a distance away may prefer to complete additional case studies, with photgraphs plus a telephone interview, instead of attending an appraisal.

Image training can also be provided on a one-to-one basis for students who prefer to work on their own, or who have less time to devote to their training.


Our trainer on all the Foundation Modules is Frances Bodington MIFIC FIFIC whose long experience as a trainer and image consultant benefits her students.  She is passionate about the image profession, and loves working with her students to prepare them for a future in a rewarding career which provides continual variety and an opportunity to help people fulfil their potential.


Colour Analysis                                                3 ½ days (including appraisal)

Style and Wardrobe Assessment for Women      4 ½ days (including appraisal)

Cosmetic Application                                        2 ½ days (including appraisal)

Style and Wardrobe Assessment for Men           2 days (no appraisal)


Essential Marketing

Running Group Workshops

Essential Presentation Skills

One-to-one Tailored Training

  • Foundation Training
  • Refresher Courses
  • Conversion to Seasonal method of Colour Analysis


“My experience of training with Frances Bodington has been a very enjoyable one!  Frances presents a wealth of practical and professional knowledge in a friendly and comfortable environment.  The carefully written manuals help as reference throughout the courses (and afterwards) but it’s the ‘hands on’ exercises that cement the skills.  I’ve come away from my training sessions feeling full of motivation and confident in practicing my profession as an Image Consultant.”

“Frances is an excellent tutor and her hands on approach was great.  Frances kept me on my toes and I left the course full of confidence.  Meeting Frances has changed my life!”

“As a British Team competitor and coach I’ve received training in various forms from many different people.  Frances’s input and professionalism were outstanding.  I’ve seldom had such clear, concise yet comprehensive information given in such an erudite, friendly and interactive way.   She managed to combine the intense learning with fun.  The fully instructive manuals ensured that we didn’t feel abandoned at the end of each module.”

“Thank you for yet another fascinating couple of days’ training, and all the excellent training you have provided over the four modules I’ve attended since November 09.  I thoroughly enjoyed the courses in themselves, and also the the environment and the good company.  It has been a professional and also a fun and relaxed way of learning, rather than in an anonymous corporate office somewhere.  I really appreciate all your inputs and advice along the way, and am firmly moving ahead now, to get my case studies completed.”