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Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

How does your company look?

Image training has never been as important as it is right now.  With competition for clients, customers and contracts growing daily due to the current financial climate, no company can risk being let down by members of staff whose appearance or demeanour is second-rate, or worse.

Investment in image training for personnel has proved over and over again to be highly beneficial, ensuring that company representatives consistently present themselves in a professional and credible way, reflecting the corporate brand values.   And of course, the companies which invest in their staff now, are the ones who will be on their toes and ready when the economy starts to recover.

We can provide several different services to help your staff acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to master the essential non-verbal communication skills.

  • Presentations for large audiences to raise awareness of the importance of self-presentation
  • Smaller group workshops
  • Individual image consultations
  • One to one personal impact coaching programmes for key people
  • Tailored sessions for specific concerns.

You have transformed all our lives with just one afternoon session!  This is giving us all a sharper eye which will help our sales.  I look forward to future opportunities and will follow up with your recommendations.”

Beatriz Bolton:  International Regional Manager, Carlisle Collection

Image Matters – now even more than ever

Pearls of Wisdom

  • 55% of our personal impact comes from appearance and demeanour
  • 80% of business professionals agree that they form impressions on how well a colleague may do their job by their clothing and grooming.